about nolo donut cart + the team

Learn the WHY behind NOLO Donut Cart + the people behind the cart!



We know that at every event there should be something memorable (that’s YOU ;) ) But it’s also why we created NOLO Donut Cart. We think that donuts make everything better. NOLO Donut Cart is the first ever mobile customizable donut cart for events of all kinds. We don’t just serve ordinary donuts, we let each one of your guests customize them!

Here’s how to get started:

1) Choose a menu

2) Tell us how many people will be at your event

3) Pick any add-on’s

4) Book + and let us take care of the rest!



An escribing entrepreneur and business enthusiast, Jess has thrown her heart and soul into NOLO Donut Cart. This business has been an idea that she has had in development for close to a year in a half. Jess is so excited to be apart of your event and make ALL your donut dreams come true.

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Musician, videographer, and entrepreneur. Just a few talents that Cole inhabits. Cole is always ready to jump on to the next thing. He is able to take something off the ground and get it running smoothly. He has a heart for people, marketing and making YOUR event the best that it can be.